• Race Bred Styling
    Taking its styling from our full size performance machines, the Snoscoot will catch the eyes of every young shredder.
  • BS Carburetor
    The ‘butterfly’ type carburetor and modified air-box enhance engine starting and off idle response in all conditions and is easily adjustable for better idle speed stability and increased fuel efficiency with lower emissions.
  • Long Steering Post with Riser
    The steering system offers a wide range of seating positions to accommodate various sizes. The racy handle bar riser adds to the look and feel while complementing the overall ergonomics.
  • TORS Throttle Override
    The throttle override system ensures that the RPM returns to idle in the event of anything affecting the normal operation of the cable to carburetor throttle system.
  • Trail-Certified Headlight
    Meeting the international compliance specifications for public trail use, a bright 55/65 watt bulb lights up the way to make sure the Snoscoot rider can see and be seen.
  • Hand Warmers
    Standard heated grips extend the fun.
  • Front and Rear Bumpers
    The front and rear bumpers protect the chassis from unexpected bumps and bangs and come to the aid when the need to pull around either end of the machine is required.
  • Windshield
    The sculpted mid height wind deflector strikes the perfect balance between function and great looks.


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