2022 YAMAHA SIDEWINDER X-TX SE 146 TURBO Ice Blue/Jet Orange




  • High Tech Turbo
    Able to withstand highly elevated temperatures, the Nickel alloy turbine body is extremely strong and precise. Supported by premium ceramic ball bearings, the Inconel turbine blade assembly is very light and strong which yields a low moment of inertia for a lightning quick response to the exhaust gas input. Triple throttle bodies are used exclusively to further enhance the quick delivery of compressed air from the impeller to the intake valves.
  • FOX® 1.5 QS3 Front Shocks
    The Sidewinder X-TX SE front suspension is equipped with Fox Zero QS3 shocks for a premium upgrade to this model. The Fox high-pressure gas, coil spring shock features a piggyback chamber to deliver reduced fading, exceptional control, and three easy to adjust compression damping performance settings so you can quickly and easily adjust the ride to conditions and riding preference.
  • Versattak 146 Rear Suspension
    The Dual Shock 146 rear suspension is fitted into a light mountain, tapered tunnel. It also features a mountain style front arm with special 146″ rails that utilize a long rear QS3 shock with a lightweight single pull rod. The uniquely designed shock pivot on the uncoupled front arm provides a smooth transfer for great handling both in and out of the powder.
  • 146″ x 2″ Camso® Track
    Born in the Rockies, the 2″ lugged Camso® Challenger track offers up the best traction for off trail play. The longer 146″ length gives plenty of float and lift to keep you going and won’t get you stuck in tight, challenging terrain.


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