• Yamaha 192cc Electric Start 4-Stroke Engine
    The dependable Yamaha fan-cooled motor has been engineered for the Snoscoot ES using a high volume carburetor, diaphragm fuel pump and special cam shaft. Beyond bullet proof reliability-convenient electric starting and quiet operation are also important features for young riders. A back-up recoil manual starter is included for greater security.
  • Large Fuel Tank
    A generous 2.2 Gal / 8.2 liter gas tank combined with the miserly fuel consumption of the efficient 4-stroke engine will keep your little sled-head out doors enjoying fun-filled hours between pit stops.
  • Long Tapered Tunnel
    The new Snoscoot ES utilizes a long, lightweight aluminum tunnel. It is well tapered up towards the rear for plenty of clearance. This helps enable the Snoscoot ES to get out and play in the deep snow.
  • Cobra Track
    The Snoscoot ES has ample traction and flotation thanks to its 93 x 10 x 1.0 inch lugged Cobra track. This new track affords a great balance between hard pack agility and fresh snow ability.


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